A World Behind the Sky

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Jay's life is about as good as it can get...or so he thinks.

The lessons are easy and the food is good at his boarding school, the Temjla Academy, nestled in the Swiss mountains with no contact to the outside world. However, when pupils get ill with a mystery virus the teachers are evasive about why infected kids never return from sick bay.

 Jay and his friend Elle begin to have suspicions about their perfect school. They investigate the dark corridors leading to sick bay and discover the earth-shattering truth - they weren't sent here to learn, they were brought here to die!

They realise that to avoid the fatal illness they must escape from the Academy, but the only way out is through the dense forest surrounding the school.  The students have been warned to never set foot in the woods - vicious animals with wild red eyes, razor sharp teeth and a lust for blood lurk among the trees.

Jay and Elle must decide - do they stay and wait for the fatal illness to strike or risk the deadly animals in the forest to get help for the other pupils?

Students must never go into the woods, dangerous creatures roam there.

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