'The house of dolls'

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A small Californian coast town is haunted by the mystery of kids vanishing without trace over the years.

Will Marin, a young girl who's new in town, be the next victim, or will she solve the riddle of the missing kids?


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After her father's sudden death, Marin's family move to a sunny seaside town to start a new life. But Marin finds it hard to escape her loneliness and the feeling she's not as clever, or pretty, as her new classmates. Everything seems to be going wrong for her, that is until a school project to visit the elderly pairs her up with Jack, the school's football hero and the hottest boy in town. Their friendship grows when they come to the aid of a frail old woman and find themselves plunged into a life or death mystery in 'The House of Dolls'.



Audio CD read by Lisa Poeira

Music by Selected Sound

Artwork by David Norman

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