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Connie – played by Angela Bull
Marty – played by Jamie Darling

'Playing Against the Clock'
original screenplay by Howard Rayner

On their way to the hospital a troubled couple use chess to take their mind off impending doom.
Will they lose their baby?


HD Fest 2009 'Deffie' Award for Best Foreign Short Film
Committee award - Honorable Mention

"Taxi wow'ed people and flew through the committees and judging process with flying colors!"

HD FEST - 'Deffies' - Short Film Category

'Taxi' - Winner Best Picture - Rob Knox Film Festival 2009

Screened at HD FEST - Sony Wonder Theater - New York City

 “…We wanted to let you know that the screening of your film in NYC was a success. Your film looked completely beautiful projected in HD. People really loved the film. Numerous people mentioned it was one of their favorites. Your screening was popular amongst our selections…”